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Thread: What do YOU think will happen next?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DoomGloom View Post
    What a thoughtful post NxD!

    Quote Originally Posted by peek-a-boo View Post
    ^ They should let their music speak with its own voice, instead of appealing to the masses or climbing the charts. It's a fact that at this point they're like Blondie were in the late 90s... They kind of stand a chance of scoring a moderate hit like "Maria", but that's it. At the end of the day it should all be about their passion for music and touring for their fans. I speak for myself, but as a fan that's the kind of album I'm most interested at this point.

    I agree that they shouldn't chase chart success. They should try to do what ever that thing is they do from time to time that reminds them that they are all kids from the same block in Anaheim California.
    I think it is inevitable that they (who ever they are... the band, Gwen, the label, will TRY to push for commercial success.

    Commercial music is not ALWAYS synonymous with bad music.
    No Doubt has achieved commercial and critical (fans are critics too) success before.
    I just hope they can do it again, however unlikely.
    I'm not even saying numbers like even Rocksteady or LAMB but respectable none the less.

    Gwen has achieved icon status. Your baby boomer uncle Fred might not agree with you but almost any woman between the ages of 24 and 35 will agree and that is a pretty powerful demographic.
    I think that the time now is about as ripe as it would ever be for another hit No Doubt album.

    Every pop star in America, from T-Swift to Gaga, would tweet their support. Voice fans and maybe even country fans would be interested in the project, and Tranter could very likely lead a more introspective Gwen back into a Saturn era of lyrical greatness. Gwen writes her best lyrics from a woman's perspective when she is feeling deep emotions, happy or sad.

    Now seems like perfect timing.
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    It's been all so quiet lately. There's nothing on the horizon for 2018, other than the Las Vegas residency. Why not take advantage of this window of time to release a DVD of the 2009 tour or a retrospective of Gwen's career with some songs never released before?

    So tell me whatís so great about perfect?

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    I think we won't see anything for a long time again. Maybe it's just me, but Gwen isn't the kind of singer who connect with her core fans so much, like Kylie and many other artists does (like Tony, Tom and Adrian does on twitter and all). And that is a bad thing, cause it's easy to see how Gwen/ND fan base is almost non existent those days (even when she released TIWTTFL, this forum was pretty dead).

    Anyway, what i mean is that it would be nice if she would listen to us and move things to release things to keep her core fans pleased, like a bside album, TSE Tour DVD, anything.

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    I think we all know by now that Gwen only does what she really wants to do. She's very selfish and she has admitted that many times. So, if she doesn't want to release anything, she won't.

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