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Thread: Throwback Thread !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DoomGloom View Post
    I know! I never understood why LITTK and RSL weren't released as CD's at the time too. A true gift to us fans would be if ND released a full live show as an album/dvd in celebration of one of their various anniversaries. The Smiths just reissued the Queen is Dead and released audio of a full concert from that time that they had stored away. The band must have recordings of full shows tucked away...

    Once you put G with the boys, the tomboy comes out immediately. I miss it too.

    When she's with the boys she kicks everyone out of town and rules all audiences lol, I love it. I get teary eyed too

    Are you in NYC? I sent you a PM about a free outdoor show coming soon !

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    Quote Originally Posted by flashbulb eyes View Post
    I agree with this. Whatching old videos of the band always makes me a little emotional now. Running music video still makes me cry, especially in those recent times.

    And to me Sparkle has always been about Eric. Never thought it could be related to Gavin, but thinking about it now, kind of makes sense. Anyway I obviously prefer the ideia that she wrote it for Eric guess we'll never know for sure though. Love this song soo much <3
    It doesn’t make much sense towards Gavin. Remember that this song was originally written in 2006.
    "And I know we said we're gonna live in the moment"

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    ^you're right. So I would say it's definitely about Eric lol or maybe it's about someone we've never heard about. Who knows.

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    I've probably searched the whole Youtube for some materials from the ND's August 21, 1996 concert at the Roseland Ballroom in NYC and nothing, nothing on the internet too. So strange!

    A very rare and unique concert.

    The only one footage from the alternate version of the ''Don't Speak'' in Roseland Ballroom that we have - looks amazing! I can't stand with the thought that I can't watch the whole concert!

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    A fun and so far inexpensive piece of pop culture history has hit the auction block via Heritage Auctions and it’s a bit bananas.


    It’s some artwork form Dan Fraga, an artist who also has worked in comic books and television, and they’re the storyboards for the “Hollaback Girl” video from Gwen Stefani — one of the hits from her debut solo album Love. Angel. Music. Baby. back in 2005.

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